Meet Gunnar Lines & the Mamajambas

Gunnar Lines is an alternative reggae band from Berlin. Gunnar Lines is supported by the Mamajambas musicians who come from all over the world. Founded in 2020 the band has recorded their first album with a 12 piece ensemble. All the songs are written and produced by Gunnar van der Stelt. The live band (mamajambas) consist of vocalist, producer and guitarist Gunnar van der Stelt, Vocalist Laura Jiménez, Bassist Michiel Sybers, Vocalist Rebecca Eriksson, Percussionist Sebastián Núñez.

Gunnar Lines started out as a one man live looper project where he would create a band sound by live recording samples and looping these. However the energy of Sebastián Núñez inspired Gunnar to seek a more band orientated sound. Inspired by legends such us: Stick Figure, Sticky fingers, Tash sultana and Kbong the band makes an alternative reggae sound which is unique to the Berlin music scene.

Our goal is to create an ethically responsible way to play reggae and make it part of the Berlin music scene. We are no strangers to street music and play regularly on the streets of Berlin. This to us is the most honest way to see the feedback of the people. Which is mostly positive and gives us the will to bring our craft to the masses.